Duct Detectives has a Certified Professional Staff capable of providing quick turn around estimates for existing duct cleaning projects and projects that require post construction cleaning of the entire Air Distribution System. With over 27 years combined experience within our estimating department, we have the expertise to review cleaning specifications and provide you an estimate within 24 hours, in most cases. For your convenience, we have the ability to download project specs and prints via your FTP site, by visiting your office or you can send to us via email.

We provide this service for the following states: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi.


Conditions Requiring Cleaning

According to ACR, HVAC system cleaning must be performed when any of the following conditions are found in the cleanliness inspection:

→ Significant accumulations of contaminants or debris are visually observed within the HVAC system, and/or evidence of microbial growth is visually observed or confirmed by analytical methods.
→ The HVAC system discharges visible particulate into the occupied space, or a significant contribution of airborne particles from the HVAC system into the indoor ambient air is confirmed.
→ Heat exchange coils, cooling coils, air flow control devices, filtration devices, and air-handling equipment are determined to have restrictions, or contamination deposits that may cause system performance inefficiencies, air flow degradation, orthat may significantly affect the design intent of the HVAC system.