Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning in buildings such as laundromats, healthcare facilities, hotels, instructional facilities and commercial cleaners is critical for more reasons than you think. The buildup of dangerous lint from continuous drying, leads to more than $127 million in losses annually and commercial losses are on the rise. It is estimated that only 70% of lint is collected and removed by the trap. The remaining 30% gets pump directly into the vent and once lodged it is dried continuously until it is ready to ignite.

The second reason to look at commercial duct cleaning is energy consumption. Clogged duct puts undo load on dryers and doesn’t allow for proper ventilation of the system. This not only causes longer dry times but also puts unnecessary stress on the components of the system increasing repair cost and shortening the life of the unit.

Here at Duct Detectives, our certified dryer vent cleaning specialists are trained to reduce the risks of fire and improve energy usage.

Some things to look for to know if its time to have your vents inspected by Duct Detectives:

  • A noticeable buildup of lint and debris on external vent
  • The dryer appears to be hot and over heating
  • You have to run more than one cycle to dry the contents
  • The items have a “smell” after being dried


Dryer Vent Before & After Cleaning

Dryer Duct 1 Before    Dryer Duct 1 After

Dryer Duct 2 Before    Dryer Duct 2 After