Educational projects are very important to Duct Detectives Incorporated because it gives us a chance to improve the indoor air quality for students and teachers alike. We are helping the educational community to breathe clean air, ensuring the recommended procedures and standards are being met. Duct Detectives is the largest NADCA certified company in the Southeast. Nobody else is more qualified to meet the needs of the following types of educational facilities:

  • Early education facilities
  • Elementary schools
  • Middles schools
  • High schools
  • College campuses
  • Special needs learning facilities

FSU Keen Building   UCF Partnership 1 Building

FSU Keen Building                                             UCF Partnership One Building

Seminole State College    Middle Tennessee State University

Seminole State College                                        Tennessee Middle State University

Cypress Creek High School  William T. Dwyer High School

Cypress Creek High School                               William T. Dwyer High School

Lake Whitney Elementary School        Lake Silver Elementary School

Lake Whitney Elementary                 Lake Silver Elementary