I would like to thank Chad, Larry and the crew for a job well done. The overall professionalism of your work and crew was very much appreciated. The logistical challenges with performing your work without interrupting our service and care to our patients were many. Once the final schedule was in place, the work was executed on time and was minimally intrusive. My facilities team, the hospitals nursing staff and your crews worked well together. Any minor challenges were quickly rectified during the project to the point that patient care and building operations were basically not affected. Their containment procedures kept patients, staff and visitors safe at all times and there were minimal odors detected. In the future I would be happy to recommend Duct Detectives for duct sealing and restoration. I would give their team an 8 out of 10 for a job well done. There is always room for improvement and their responsiveness throughout the project indicates that Chad and his team truly cared. As you know hospital settings present many obstacles and the response to any issues was quick and appreciated.

Danny Harper, Supervisor of Facilities - Mease Dunedin Hospital