“Air Mechanical & Service Corporation has been working with Duct Detectives for years now. Chad, Mike, Bo, Mato and all of their 26 field guys have the knowledge and always meet all of the project requirements, along with each one of them having all their certifications. Duct Detectives just finished a project with us in Tallahassee at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Main Building. This building operates 24/7 with high security with Level II background check requirements. Each person submitted passed. This scope of work was all done at night. The project scope required stabilization of fungal contamination of internal surface of air handling units (AHU) and components. Stabilization of fungal contamination is to prevent disturbance and cross contamination during demolition and removal of AHUs. This included all interior surfaces grilles and components of the AHU, coil compartment, coils, condensate drain pan, fan motor, fan, fan housing, fan blades, turning vanes, filter housings and rack, return and supply plenum inside the mechanical room by encapsulating with application of HVAC insulation sealant coating. Duct Detectives met and passed every test inspection, and finished way ahead of the project schedule. We could have not done this project with any other contractor than Duct Detectives.”

Jason Johnson, Manager- Air Mechanical & Service Corporation