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Aerosol Injected Sealant

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Aerosol Injected Sealant

Along with cleaning your duct system to improve your buildings indoor air quality (IAQ) another main concern is building energy costs.

According to the US Department of Energy, A Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study found that the leakage rates of commercial buildings exceed the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) recommended classes by an average of 20 percent.

To follow are signs that you may need to take a look for leaky ducts:

  • Inadequate Air Flow to Some Zones
  • Problems Identified by Test and Balance Report
  • High Utility Bills
  • Increased Cooling or Heating Capacity Needs
  • Poor or Inconsistent Exhaust from Hotel Rooms/Apartments
  • Inadequate Moisture Management

Duct leakage robs you of comfort, energy, and peace of mind. 

Duct Detectives utilizes a state of the art computer control system to test your duct system for leakage, seal your duct system to reduce loss and verify that the system was sealed properly. Aerosol injected sealing reduces loss of conditioned air, reduces the infiltration of dirt and debris into the duct system and reduces the load on the air handling unit (AHU) increasing the life of the unit.

Traditional duct sealing is intrusive, time-consuming and is difficult to verify. Aerosol injected sealing eliminates all of these issues. Most systems can be sealed in one shift with limited intrusion and all results are verified on-site.