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Unit Refurbishment

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Unit Refurbishment

Air handling units are the central hub of your HVAC system. This is one of the most critical pieces of the system when it comes to inspection and maintenance. The air handler consists of many components and with this complexity comes many areas for concerns.

Operating at maximum capacity?

Duct Detectives takes a very close look at 4 major components of the air handling unit.

  • Internal Cabinet Insulation

  • Coils

  • Blowers

  • Drain Pans

Duct Liner

Before & During Remediation

Duct Liner

After Remediation & Relining

Air Duct Blower

Before & After

The internal cabinet insulation on most units is made up of fibrous insulation that provides a perfect breeding ground for microbial growth.

Duct Detectives technicians will remove the factory fibrous insulation, clean all surfaces below to ensure proper bond and reinstall a closed cell insulation that is resistant to future growth.

The coils of a system operate in a way that often causes many issues. Due to the moisture associated with the coils, they often become impacted with dirt and debris. This restricts air flow and reduces the performance of the unit while driving operations costs up. Duct Detectives technicians will thoroughly clean the coils to ensure they are operating at maximum capacity.

Pan Seal

Before & After

Air Handle Unit Door


The blowers create the air flow for the entire system.

Due to the constant high speed movement, the blades and housing of the blower pick up debris which causes undo strain to the motor and throws the blower off balance, which can cause additional wear on the bearings and belts. Duct Detectives technicians will thoroughly clean both the housing and blower blades to ensure proper function.

Lastly, the drain pan of a unit is constantly wet which leads to growth, accumulation of debris and rust in many cases. This allows all sorts of biological matter to be placed into the air stream and distributed throughout the system. Duct Detectives technicians will clean the pan and resurface/seal the pan to ensure that it drains properly and is free of deterioration.